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BUNKFACE, a new age pop punk rock band from Asia, originally from KLANG, MALAYSIA. The band was formed by Sam (Shamsul Annuar) , Pa’an (Ahmad Farhan), Jabaa (Hasanul Fakhzan) and Biak (Alif Sufian) back in early 2005, but later on , Jabaa (Bassist) left the band in 2006 for personal reason. Sam, Paan and Biak later on meet Youk (Mohammad Farouk) who is also their high school friend to replace Jabaa position as a bassist. Biak left the band in 2008 and Bunkface main band members remain as Sam on guitar and lead vocal, Pa’an as lead guitar and Youk for bass. The band engaged several numbers of drummer and keyboardist through out their live shows since then.

BUNKFACE was selected as one of the contestant for a music competition reality tv program hosted by local tv network HITZ.TV and was broad-casted on Astro TV Channels back in 2006. They didn’t won’t the competition but the star value of this band was spotted by the network and they grant Bunkface a recording deal of one single with music video. Bunkface took the opportunity and produced “Silly Lilly” and after few weeks of the released, this track topped the charts leaving the listeners wondering who is this band?. Bunkface continue to record track after track and produce their first EP titled “Lesson Of The Season”. It was release in 2007 with the funding of their own gigs income and with some help from the band’s family members. The EP helped them to gain more fans and also the band funding by selling the EP cd and also merchandise.

BUNKFACE then decided to produce a track in Bahasa ( Malaysia national language) (all the track was in english before) since they realised there are bigger market for that language in the country that they’re based. The first Bahasa track “Situasi” (originally was written in english) was released in late 2008 have boosted the band popularity in the country as it became a hit and create phenomenon in the country as the new band with new sound and genre that the mainstream scene never heard before. The band manage to released their first full album (independently) in 2010 and this album has put their name along side with other big name artist in the music industry there. They’ve won awards after awards and release album after album till today. The band mission is to always being able to produce good music and touring around the world playing shows for their fans.


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18th September 2019

Joox Campus Tour

UTM Skudai 4pm

22nd September 2019

Hot Kool Jam

Setia Alam

28th September 2019

USM Penang

USM Penang


Single and all music albums we released between 2001 and 2018!


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Bunkface – Apa Pun Tak Boleh ft. Datuk Jeffrydin, Caprice)

Rentak Laguku by Bunkface
Music video by Bunkface performing Apa Pun Tak Boleh.

Bunkface – Suara (Lyric Video) NEW SINGLE

Suara by Bunkface
Song composed by Sam Bunkface and lyrics by Sam Bunkface
Music Video produced by Bunkface Productions.

Bunkface – Malam Ini Kita Punya (Official Music Video)

Malam Ini Kita Punya by Bunkface
Song composed by Sam Bunkface (Bunkface Productions)
Lyrics by Sam Bunkface (Bunkface Productions).

Bunkface – Darah Muda (Official Music Video)

Darah Muda by Bunkface
Song composed by Sam Bunkface (Bunkface Productions)
Lyrics by Sam Bunkface (Bunkface Productions).

Bunkface – Shiver

Song & Lyric : Sam Bunkface
Producer : Bunkface
Co Producer : Izzy Musa


Song & Lyric : Sam Bunkface
Producer : Bunkface
Co Producer : Izzy Musa


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Shiver CD


Kita Punya